Pirates’ Plenty Battle for Gold Slot

Pirates’ Plenty Battle for Gold Slot

Pirates’ Plenty Battle for Gold Slot review

Pirates’ Plenty Battle for Gold Slot Introduction:

Recently SlotHits reviewed Viking Clash slot from PushGaming, and came to the conclusion that it’s a slot hit. The Viking Clash slot is a Viking game that takes place at the sea, which Pirates’ Plenty Battle for Gold also does! The difference is that the Pirates’ Plenty slot is about Pirates. Many Viking and Pirate themed slots have been extremly successful and become very appreciated in the iGaming community.

We suspected that Pirates’ Plenty might be one of those slots, maybe even a slot hit! In other words a great slot! Are you ready for cannons, firearms, skulls and other typical pirate items! We said Aye-aye, Captain and set sail once again! Read our full review to find out  more about the slot and whether this is a slot hit or not!

Pirates’ Plenty Battle for Gold Slot Gamefield & Symbols:

Pirates’ Plenty is a three row and five reel slot that can expand and turn into a four row and five reel slot. Maybe, you wonder how this is possible. Well, above the gamefield there is a ship that sails on a map. You have to collect a certain amount of ship’s steering wheel symbols to be able to sail to the Wild Island Row, which is the marking on the map. This is not as complicated as it sounds.

However, the gamefield is transparent. In other words, you can see the beatiful and mighty sea in the background through the game field from the pirateship. It’s also possible to see a glimpse from the inside of the ship. You can see items such as daggers, barrels, lanterns, gold coins, cannons and ship steering wheels.

The lower valued symbols are gilded coins with hearts, clovers, spades and routes on them.  Unfortunately, we don’t find these gilded coins especially attractive. They look a bit shoddy and unappealing. This does not interfere with the quality of the game significantly though.

However, fortunately the higher valued symbols are beatiful. Those are cannons, skulls, guns, captain pirat hats and some strange bottle with a skull on. The most valuable symbol is the skull. There are also a couple of other symbols.



Pirates’ Plenty Battle for Gold Slot Features:

The map symbol:

Collect the map symbols to unlock the Wild Island Row. Once unlocked,
the wild Island remains open for all future spins at the same stake!
One extra row is unlocked and also extra wild symbols. These wild symbols can have multipliers of 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x!

The Wild monkey symbol:

The wild monkey symbol substitutes for all paying symbols. They can appear on any spin except during Battle spins. The Wild monkey steals
low-paying symbols and triggers a respin with high-paying symbols only.”

*You will understand this feature once you play, because it’s easy to grasp.

Battle Spins:

The battle symbols make this game unique. Collect, three of them and Bonus Spins are awarded! Captain Blackbeerd throws Wild Bombs on the reels during Battle Spins and cannonballs are fired. Extra free spins (Battles spins)can be awarded or locked wilds. The wilds are awarded by cannon fire or when Blackbeerd is throwing bombs! Cannonballs can also result in extra free spins or (battle spins).

Verdict & Conclusion:

The highly detailed graphics and nice animations make this game interesting. The grapichs are awesome but perhaps not outstanding. Anyway the music has an adventorous clang, which fits perfectly for a pirate adventure on the mighty sea.

Notice that the music is played during every spin, just push the spin button. Raise the volume and listen carefully between the spins because you can hear the ship creak, the sea ​​swing, the wind blow and chirping seagulls.

The gameplay during main game is good and you can win 5000x on a spin. However one thing disturbed us a little during the game test. The player has to wait minimum 3 seconds between the spins. This is not a huge disadvantage, since you get used to it. However, sometimes when you are restless fast spins are appreciated.

As we mentioned earlier, the lower valued symbols could have been more appealing. Also the monkey wild feature is quite lame, there could possibly have been more interesting features in the game. However the mainfeature (the battle spins) is a superb feature. This feature is so unique and amusing that it makes you want to play the game over and over again.

The sticky wilds that you receive and the possibility to get extra battle spins make this feature a blast. The sound of bangs, the great adventourus music, Captain Blackbeerd and the cannonballs create an outstanding gameplay. This feature makes this game worth playing and to a complete Pirate adventure. It’s not just the Battle spins that are great though, even the treasure map is awesome.

Maybe there could have been more treasure maps, but it’s not necessary because one map is simply enough in this game.

Usually, this slot receives top scores from most reviewers. Pirates’ Plenty Battle for Gold is certainly a great slot. However, the RTP is below 96%, which is considered to be low by experts. The slot can be slightly tiresome in the longrun. The battle spins feature is still great though. Anyways, the slot doesn’t reach all the way to get the honor to be titled a slot hit. It’s very close though, if only the RTP had been a little bit higher…

Pirates’ Plenty Battle for Gold Slot

  • Slot hit: No
  • Smooth Soundtrack
  • Battles Spins
  • Treasure Map

  • Somewhat low RTP
  • No Jackpot

Game Type Pirate Theme
Software No download
Developer Red Tiger Gaming
Released 23.01.2009
RTP 95.72%
Max Win 5000x/spin
Min Bet €0.20
Max Bet €40
Jackpot No

A slot hit can be either a big win or a great slot. SlotHits are always chasing for slot hits. A slot needs a score of minimum 4.5/5 or 90/100 to get the honor to be called a slot hit. Pirates’ Plenty Battle for Gold Slot receives a score of 88/100 and is, therefore not a Slot hit!

SlotHits Rating 88/100 - (4.4/5)