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Marching Legions Slot

Marching Legions slot review

Marching Legions Slot (Relax Gaming) Review Introduction:

Marching legions slot is about marching troops accompanied with war music! Get ready to serve the Roman empire! “A legion means the major units or division of the roman army, usually containing 3000 to 6000 infantry soldiers and 100 to 200 cavalry troops.”

The marching legions players will encouter in this slot has not got any cavalry for some reason. However, there are plenty of infantry units in this game! Relax Gaming has created an online slot with a supreme cartoonish style that has an unusually high RTP and a max win up to 10,000x your bet!

Have a read to know more about a battlefield with fearless Roman warriors, Roman symbols, a bonus feature and Free Spins!

Marching Legions Gamefield & Symbols

The gamefield is not a regular playing area, it’s a stone paved battlefield Marching Legions Slotwith 243 ways to win and a 4 reel and 4 row layout. A part of the battlefield is inside some ancient Roman building. On the left and on the right sides
are two grand statues visualising Roman soldiers. It is possible to glimpse some green landscape in the backdrop.

The symbols are various Roman icons such as swords and banners. The main symbol is the legionarie. This slot is all about those figures.

Slot Features

Re-spin and collect:

When a full stack of the legionary symbol shows up on the reel, it becomes a Marching Stack (sticky and walking) and triggers a re-spin.” Before each spin, in re-spins, all Marching Stacks of legionaries move one step to the left.

Any additional full stacks of legionary symbols landing during re-spins also turns into Marching Stacks. As long as at least one Marching Stack of legionaries is present on the game area, re-spins continue. When a legionary stack moves out from the game area it’s collected.

Complete all 5 levels on the collect meter, to activate Free Spins. You need 330 marching Stacks of legionaries collected, to activate the Re-spin.

Buying “Free Spins”

Buying “Free Spins” can only be done in the base game. Bought Free Spins will cost 120x you regular bet. The theoretical return to player (RTP) for the buy feature is 97.13%.



There is a nudge feature, in which partial stacks of legionary symbols can nudge into full stacks. The nudge feature can only be triggered if no Marching Stacks of legionaries are present on the reel area,
and at least two partial stacks have landed.



Free Spins feature is played in waves, beginning with the first wave.
During the first wave, one Marching Stack of legionaries starts at the reel on the last reel on the rightern side.
As in re-spins, all Marching Stacks move one step to the left before each spin, and any additional full stacks of legionary symbols landing turn into Marching Stacks.

During Free Spins mode there is a collect symbol on reel 5. Gathering three of these symbols triggers the next wave in Free Spins.
At the start of the Free Spins feature, one collect symbol is automatically awarded.

Each wave continues until no more Marching Stacks are present on the battle field. After a wave has ended the next wave commences if it has been triggered, otherwise Free Spins end. The second wave starts with two Marching Stacks on the two rightmost reels, the third wave begins with three, etc. Any waves after the fifth wave all start with five Marching Stacks covering the entire game area.

Verdict & Conclusion

If a legionaire is supposed to symbolize an entire legion in this slot is unclear to us. Probably a stacked reel with 4 legionaires is a legion. “By the first century CE, Rome had roughly about 28 legions.”

The chief of the legion was the legate (the commander). A cohort, contained around 400-500 soldier, 10 cohorts were a legion. Several maniples created a larger fighting force called the cohort. A maniple had roughly 100-120 men. Wether one legionaire symbol is a cohort or legion in this game, we don’t know. However, it is thrilling to take part of this Roman war slot, even if there is not many ongoing battles.

The marching sound, that accompanies players throughout the entire game is superb and the sound is well synced to the game. Marching Legions is an interesting slot, because it’s a somewhat unique game! It feels as if the game is full of action, because there are different special effects and plenty of energetic moving Romans around the battle field. The slot feels a bit messy and complicated during the first spins. It can take a while to apprehend what is going on and to understand the meaning of all the meters!

However, the gameplay is captivating even if the slot is advanced and if it’s hard to really grasp the various features. The slot feels a bit repetetive in the long run, and an additional feature would have been appreciated. Despite that, we are impressed by the work of Relax Gaming. It’s facinating how a slightly monotonous and somewhat nagging slot like this can be
so difficult to pull away from! The slot is an attraction and a must try. Best of all, or the icing of the cake, the little extra that makes the game worth playing is the buy free spins feature and the sound!

SlotHits will definetly buy a couple of Free Spins during our game sessions
sometimes. The unique spins can be very entertaining and valued.

All in all, Marching Legions is an odd and interesting must see and try war slot. Worth to notice is that the RTP is extraordinarily high and that you can win up to 10.000x your bet!
As we wrote earlier: The slot is fun but can be a bit repetetive and an additional more contrasting feature would have been great and appreciated.

Prepare for war and march towards victory! Sign up to one of the casinos on this subpage, and try the slot for real!


  • Unique Slot
  • Buy FS Feature
  • High RTP
  • Decent Maxwin
  • Superb Sound


  • Monotonous
  • SlotHit: No

Game Type:War Slot
Software:No download
Developer:Relax Gaming
Gamble Feature:NO
RTP: 98.12%
Max Win:10000 x Bet
Min Bet:0.10£/
Max Bet:100£/
Buy FS Feature:YES

A SlotHit can be either a big win or a great slot. SlotHits are always chasing for slotHits. A slot needs a score of minimum 4.5/5 or 90/100 to get the honor to be called a SlotHit. Marching Legions receives a score of 79/100 and is, therefore not a SlotHit!

SlotHits Rating 79/100 - (3.95/5)

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