What is a SlotHit (SlotHits)?

It can be a big win on a slot or a really good slot. In other words, a SlotHit!

Today more slots are produced than ever before. Therefore it can be both time consuming and exasperating to find what you prefer.

We cherry-pick the best online slots, to make the choice easier for you! We test all slots thoroughly and write honest reviews. Not only choose slots from the leading game providers are chosen, but also from smaller and new developers. We constantly search for old, new, odd, unique and popular slothits as well as guide you in the jungle of slots.

The team behind SlotHits has years of experience, trying slots. We know that the taste varies, therefore we choose slots with different themes, graphics, gameplay and other features. Our aim is to find slots and slotHits that fit all kinds of players. A score of minimum 4.5/5 or 90/100 is required to get the honor to be called a slotHit.

It’s certainly not easy to choose a slot, so visit SlotHits, read our reviews and find a game that you like. You can also find the best online casino bonuses, news and much more. Be aware that SlotHits is more than just good games, it’s also big wins on slots.

Nowadays it’s very popular with big win videos on Youtube and Twitch. Players and streamers from all over the world create new big win videos every day. SlotHits loves this new phenomen with big win videos, so we will show big win or slothit videos later on at our site. For now, you have to settle for some slot reviews.

Welcome to SlotHits the home of SlotHits!

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